of the group.


Each subsidiary has its own set of skills to provide effective support at all stages of a company’s life:
creation – development & growth – transmission.

Noshaq funds.

Noshaq s.a.

Noshaq is an investment fund and project developer with a portfolio of 469 companies and share capital amounting to €700 million. Noshaq is the reference financial partner for the creation and development of SMEs in the Liege region. Over the years, Noshaq has developed a variety of financing vehicles, which are fully in line with market needs and trends, as well as its strategy. All services offered by Noshaq are always designed according to the needs and requirements of the client investor. The goal is to ensure that, at all times, we have a lever effect on the development of his business.

Noshaq EUROPE 3 s.a.

Noshaq Europe 3 provides funding for business projects in eligible areas, receiving the ERDF European Funds. The activity of the company is part of the regional development policy spearheaded by the European Commission.

Noshaq IMMO s.a.

As a real estate subsidiary of the Noshaq Group, Noshaq Immo undertakes real estate transactions in addition to the interventions of the other entities of the group (equity participation, loans, real estate leases and/or leases for movables and acquisitions of goods) or in support of structuring or strategic projects.

Noshaq SPIN-OFFS s.a.

Noshaq Spin-Offs supports the creation of spin-offs, in collaboration with the Université de Liège.

Noshaq VENTURE s.a.

Noshaq Venture funds start-ups and spin-offs from industrial projects.

Noshaq companies.

LeanSquare s.a.

LeanSquare is a specialized investment fund, lauded for its impact on innovative projects. LeanSquare builds a relationship of trust and proximity with every project and mobilizes its capital, its knowledge and its network to help mature start-ups moving forward. LeanSquare is at the forefront of three innovative markets: Cultural and Creative Industries, Enterprise Software, Life Sciences.

S.I.B.L. s.a.

The company purpose of S.I.B.L. is to acquire holdings
in any form whatsoever in any
company, association or institution, whether existing
or to be created, and to grant loans to such
companies, with a view to promoting new activities
or to extending existing activities that are
likely to have an influence in the
Liege industrial area.

La Grand Poste s.a.

Situated at the heart of the city, La Grand Poste occupies a space of close to 8,000 m² in an iconic but fully renovated building, where it hosts a community of creative entrepreneurs, with the focus on digital technology, media and the entertainment industry. La Grand Poste consists mainly of five interconnected spaces: an inspiring (co)working space with a variety of possible configurations, a food market, bar & rooftop, an artisanal brasserie, a venue for start-up support programmes and the media campus of the University of Liege. It is a place where you can work, but also meet, show off what you can do, pick up information, chat, receive training and have fun.

Managed by Noshaq.

Épimède s.a.

Epimède is an investment fund which aims to contribute to funding the growth phases of top cutting-edge technological companies in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Capital Region.

Move Invest s.a.

Move Invest manages a fund to finance new start-ups and existing development and diversification activities. This fund was set up to play its part in the
economic boom of the province
of Liege through equity investments and loans granted to companies
having their headquarters in the province
of Liege. The activity of the company is
part of the regional development policy
spearheaded by the
European Commission (the ERDF Fund).

F.I.C.I. s.a.

The Investment and Industrial Growth Fund
(F.I.C.I.) is an investment fund whose objective is based on a joint policy between the ARCELORMITTAL group and the
Walloon Region to promote together
innovative economic activities and to finance
projects with value-added jobs
within the framework of
sustainable development in the Liege region.

White Fund s.a.

White Fund is an early-stage private equity fund dedicated to the medical device sector. The targets are companies with at least a proof of concept of their technology and objective market traction indicators. White Fund aims to support the pre-commercialization stages of projects and the start of sales.

Rise PropTech Fund s.c.
Rise PropTech Fund invest in startups having the ambition and the potential to change the construction & real estate industry in Europe. Rise PropTech Fund aims to support the transformation of the European PropTech sector, by enriching the existing eco-system, attracting promising young companies, encouraging the different actors within the sector to collaborate and exploit potential synergies.

Noshaq’s friends.

Eklo a.s.b.l.

Eklo is the leading support organisation for the creation and development of innovative projects and companies or those with high growth potential, mainly located in the province of Liege. Its range of services aims to reduce the financial and commercial uncertainty related to the design and launch of new products and services in the markets. In this way, Eklo participates actively in the redevelopment of Liege and Wallonia by helping new companies with high growth potential to establish themselves in the region and create added value and employment there.


The relab is the fablab of Liege. It is a “fabrication laboratory” or a manufacturing laboratory, a public-access place where a series of tools are made available, including computer-controlled machine tools, for the design and
realisation of various objects. The relab is a true
collaborative space allowing people to meet and implement
personal or professional projects with creativity and innovation in common.

Plug-R a.s.b.l.

Plug-R is the creative hub of Liege. Plug-R
connects its users with a rich
community of partners active in
many areas; financing activities,
training in creativity,
project support, office rental, territorial development, economic redeployment,
start-up acceleration etc. Plug-R
networks people, SMEs, organisations,
start-ups etc. with the right partners to
give a practical boost to their projects.

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